Graphic Novels

I have always been a big fan of the graphic novel format, and Doctor Strange has had a couple of the best graphic novels ever made.  Graphic novels differ from a one-shot comic in that they are able to use many more pages than a standard comic to tell their story and are usually printed in a larger format allowing better use of art.  Some graphic novels are released in both soft cover and hard cover.  The two most notable Doctor Strange graphic novels are Into Shamballa (1986) and Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom Triumph and Torment (1989). 

This page catalogs the Doctor Strange  graphic novels that are in the collection.  The pictures are of the actual book in the collection.   Details are listed next to each book.   One-shots, mini-series, and important Doctor Strange runs in other titles are cataloged on other pages.  Refer to the menu above.  

The dates I use for each book is the date on the indicia page, which may vary from how other sites document the book.

Have a look around and enjoy the page!

Title:   Doctor Strange Into Shamballa

Year: 1986

Company: Marvel Comics Group

Notes: This graphic novel by J.M. DeMatteis and Dan Green is a must for any Doctor Strange collector. The art is almost a character of its own.  The story is an inside into the decisions the Sorcerer Supreme has to make showing the difference between this character and others in the super hero community.

Title:   Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom Triumph and Torment

Year: 1989

Company: Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Notes: This is a great graphic novel by Roger Stern Mike Mignola and Mark Badger.

Title:   Spider-Man Doctor Strange The Way to Dusty Death

Year: 1992

Company: Marvel Comics 

Notes: This is a great graphic novel with Dr. Strange and Spider-Man. These two have teamed up since the 1960s. The art is really good and consistent with 90s comics style.

Title:   What Is It That Disturbs You Stephen?

Year: 1997

Company: Marvel Comics Group

Notes: This graphic novel was conceptualized in 1973 as a full story, but ended up being first published as a 35 page annual. The story was revisited years later and rewritten/re-drew into its current 48 page graphic novel. The story centers on Electra, the ruler of the dimension Ditkopolis (get it?). 

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